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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

The Bug Blocker® Service Door Screen Insert (SDSI)

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Propped open doors are an invitation to every insect, bird, rodent and unauthorized visitor in the area. Keep your doors closed while letting the fresh air in.

The SDSI represents a new industry standard in screening technology for facilities interested in meeting USDA, FDA, Homeland Security Guidelines or complying with AIB, IPM, ASI and other food inspection requirements. In short anyone interested in Security Ventilation and non-chemical Pest Control for their facility.

The new FSMA Security guideline for food plants states:

"Windows and doors that must be kept open for ventilation are screened to prevent pest entry."

"Secure doors and access restricted to authorized individuals."

"Doors, windows and openings should be secured with locks seals and sensors at all times."

"Emergency exits should be alarmed and have self-locking doors that can only be opened from the inside."

An entirely new approach to ventilation using a stainless steel mesh screen inserted into an existing hollow metal door. The SDSI doesn't interfere with the panic opener and it is easily installed into an existing service door. It does this without compromising the strength of your main door nor the ability to be locked from the inside. What makes it unique is that it uses strong 304 stainless steel wire mesh. Used in many prisons and facilities with higher security needs. The Service Door Screen Insert is very popular with food processing and packaging facilities due to its ability to keep the bugs out. Security bars can also be added for additional visual security.

When it‘s time to close up for the night or during colder weather there are two choices available: a steel insulated panel or a clear see-thru polycarbonate panel. Either one will securely lock into place. A storage rack option can be attached to the bottom of the door or on to the wall to keep the cover panel out of the way and safe from any damage. Our customers tell us they like the SDSI for the ventilation provided, the easy installation and its affordability. 

Help prevent unauthorized entrance into your facility by people, bugs, birds and other unwanted visitors by using a Service Door Screen Insert. We live in a time of heightened security awareness and requirements. Insert the Service Door Screen Insert (SDSI) and take control of your door security!



Service Door Screen Features

  • Can be dealer or plant maintenance personnel installed
  • Aluminum frame construction
  • Fits all standard service doors
  • Stainless steel wire mesh meets Federal Specification STD A-A-1037B
  • Frames secured by tamper proof headed screws
  • 011″ 30x30 mesh for food applications
  • 023″ 12x12 mesh for security doors
  • Can be mounted above and/or below the panic opener (up to two per door)
  • Expanded Metal Stainless Steel available with 30 mesh for insect control

Service Door Screen Options

  • Clear Insert Panel - 3/8 inch clear polycarbonate panel for outside viewing
  • Solid Insert Panel - 22 gauge powder coated steel with 1 inch of insulation
  • Security bars
  • Storage brackets

Bug Blocker offers many different types of security doors & bug screen doors. Learn more about our overhead security door or security screens. Contact us today and we will help you find the product that works best for your facility or give us a call at 1-800-537-3802 for more information.