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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Bug Blocker Seals Your Facility Against Rats

Rat Blocking Solutions

Problem: Adult rats can compress their bodies to squeeze through openings of only 1/2"
Solution: Bug Blocker doors with stainless steel #12- or #30-gauge mesh

Are the loading dock doors at your facility kept open at night? If so, you may be inviting in rats and other pests. Rats usually gather food between dusk and midnight. They can infest factories, nesting inside walls, in the spaces between floors and ceilings, under equipment and pallets — almost anywhere. If you're seeing rats in your building during the day, you probably have a very large rat population.

Rat Barrier Solutions

In addition to hygienic concerns, rats are also known to chew or gnaw through almost anything. Their incisors can grow up to 5" in a year, and they keep them ground down to manageable size by chewing anything they can. Gnawed holes 2" or larger are a good indication that rats are afoot — look for evidence in cabinets, walls, door corners and ceiling joists.

Sanitation at your facility is a must to prevent rat infestation. Keep all dumpsters closed, and repair them immediately if needed. Clean up all possible food sources, including any spills around your loading docks. Keep pallets at least 18" from sidewalls. If your building already has a rat problem, consult a professional pest removal service to help with baiting and removal.

Once the rats are gone, keep them out! Seal all cracks and holes in your facility's foundations and exterior walls. Seal all openings around sewer and water pipes, and openings around telephone or electrical lines. Repair all gnaw holes or stuff them with steel or copper wool. Cover all floor drains with sturdy metal grates and be sure these grates are held in place firmly.

Use Bug Blocker expanded metal doors to create a secure seal for your loading dock doors, while allowing for fresh air and ventilation in your facility. Seal off air vents and louvers with Bug Blocker's custom-fit air inlet screen panels. Fit windows and screens tightly with Bug Blocker's custom stainless steel mesh panels.

For more information about keeping rats and other pests out of your facility, contact Bug Blocker at  800-537-3802.

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