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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Bug Blocker Keeps Mice Out While Letting Fresh Air In

Mouse Barrier

Problem: Juvenile mice can squeeze through openings as small as 1/4"
Solution: Bug Blocker doors with stainless steel #12- or #30-gauge mesh

Mice may be cute in cartoons, but they can be a real nightmare in your factory. Mice eat 15-20 times a day, and a single pair of mice can produce 200 offspring in less than four months. Mice are also known to harbor many dangerous, and potentially deadly, diseases. It's easy to see how a mouse problem in your facility can quickly get out of control. Preventing the mice from entering your building is much easier than getting them out.

AIB guidelines state than an automatic "unsatisfactory" rating will be assessed if your facility's dock and pedestrian doors are not adequately pest-proofed. And, any evidence of mice will also result in an "unsatisfactory" — this evidence can be an actual mouse sighting, mouse excreta, noticeable gnawing marks, or even a mouse carcass.

AIB inspectors have said that mice can enter a building through an opening as small as the diameter of a pencil! Consult with your IPM (internal pest management) team or a certified pest management company to make sure your facility complies with the applicable regulations in your area. You can call us at  800-537-3802 for your project needs!

After successful rodent removal and cleaning, the next step is to prevent mice from reentering your facility. All cracks and crevices must be completely sealed — steel wool mixed with caulking makes an excellent anti-mouse plug (wood, cardboard and plastic are not recommended, as mice can easily gnaw through these materials). Make sure to seal all openings over 1/4" in your building's foundation, and seal around openings for all water pipes, vents, and utilities.

All doors, windows and openings must be secured and have tight fitting screens. For your loading dock doors, Bug Blocker provides stainless steel screen doors that allow for fresh air ventilation, while providing a secure, sealed barrier against rodents. And, many personnel doors can use Bug Blocker's service door screen inserts to provide ventilation while remaining thoroughly protected against pests. Windows and roof openings can be sealed with Bug Blocker's custom-fit stainless steel screen mesh.

For more information about keeping mice, voles, and other rodents out of your facility, contact Bug Blocker at  800-537-3802.

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