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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Bug Blocker® Product Videos

  • Bad Guys Video

    Keeping bugs out is one thing, but watch this video to see how our overhead security screen doors can keep bad guys out of your building as well. These doors will make it very difficult for them to gain access to you secure areas, while letting fresh air in for the comfort of your employees.

  • Bad Guys Part II

    See how our overhead security screen doors are simply stronger than the bad guys that want to enter you facility. Keep them out while letting fresh air in. Your employees and assets will never be safer! Have questions? Call 800-537-3802 to speak to our team today!

  • Expanded Metal Video

    Stainless Steel expanded metal security doors define security. When you need to keep outsiders out of your facility this is the best choice. This overhead security door will also help you comply with Homeland Security regulations.

  • Service Door Strength Video

    Keep the bad guys out of your office areas with our strong service door inserts for security that is unmatched. These inserts will give you peace of mind when alone in your office areas during the day or even after hours. Rely on Bug Blocker service door inserts to keep you safe.

  • The Strength of Steel Video

    Our Stainless Steel Security Screen Door system is strong and reliable to stand up against any unwanted guests and can also withstand equipment accidents that happen. See the test of strength of these doors in the above video.

  • Track Switch Video

    Track switch system that can be installed with your existing track to allow your overhead screen door to roll up out of the way when you need your regular door to be closed. This track switch will work with all of our security screen doors.

  • Behind Rolling Screen Door

    Watch how easily and efficiently you can open your overhead door and reclose it with a behind rolling screen door to let the fresh air in while keeping rodents and pests outside where they belong. This door also complies to homeland security, USDA , FDA and many more guidelines.

  • Quick View of Behind Rolling Screen Door

    Quick view of our ever popular behind rolling screen door system. You will quickly get the idea of how efficient this system can be in letting fresh air into your facility while being in compliance with many codes such as: Homeland Security, USDA, FDA, AIB and many regulations.

  • Chain Link Security Door Video

    Our Chain link Overhead Security doors are design to provide added security, ventilation and pest control to your buildings. They help with homeland security regulations, provide bird and rodent barriers (help make your building pest proofed), and all comply with Food Safety and Food Defense regulations.

  • Overhead Screen Door System Video

    Overhead Screen Door System to keep pest out of your facility. This steel mesh screen will help to control the environment of your building while keeping the pests outside where they belong.

  • Service Door Screen Insert Video

    Bug Blocker service door screen insert is perfect for protecting your warehouse from unwanted pests, bugs and rodents. We like to say "let the fresh air in, while keeping the pests out—where they belong!"

  • Fixed Panel Video

    When you need a fixed panel solution for space remaining in the top of your door opening this will be custom fit to your exact needs.

Learn more about some of the products that Bug Blocker provides by reading our executive summaries of the overhead screen doors and overhead security doors. Contact us to request literature or call us at  800-537-3802 more information about our ventilating doors and bug blocker products.

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