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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

OSHA Information on Loading Dock Safety


The following checklists may help you take steps to avoid hazards that cause injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As always, be cautious and seek help if you are concerned about a potential hazard.

General Safety


1 ❏ Exposed or open loading dock doors and other areas that employees could fall 4 feet or more or walk off should be chained off, roped off or otherwise blocked. (Bug Blocker Doors provide a physical barrier)

2 ❏ Floors and aisles are clear of clutter, electrical cords, hoses, spills and other hazards that could cause employees to slip, trip or fall.

3 ❏ Proper work practices are factored into determining the time requirements for an employee to perform a task.

4 ❏ Employees performing physical work have adequate periodic rest breaks.

5 ❏ Newly-hired employees receive general ergonomics training and task specific training.

6 ❏ The warehouse is well ventilated. (Bug Blocker doors provide ventilation)

7 ❏ Employees are instructed on how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments. (Keep your employees cool with Bug Blocker doors)



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