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Bug Blocker

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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

The Bug Blocker® Expanded Metal Security Door Executive Summary

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Product Name:
The Bug Blocker®
Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door
Phone: 800-537-3802 or 763-479-1144
Fax: 763-479-1147
Rasco Industries, Inc.
5310 Shoreline Drive
Mound, MN 55364
For use with vertical lift, high lift, behind rolling steel door, and stand-alone doors.
Product Overview:

This expanded stainless steel, overhead dock-door system is designed to ventilate any commercial facility, while preventing the problems that occur when overhead loading dock doors are left open. This door eliminates entrance by unauthorized people, birds and rodents. It also acts as a deterrent for employee theft. This provides security and peace of mind for your facilities.

The Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door operates in its own track, as the preferred method, or is added to the existing overhead door’s track system. Using the existing door’s lower vertical track, we add a track switch mechanism at the top of the opening, a second set of upper tracks, and a sectional expanded metal stainless steel door. The unique track switch design allows for the independent use of this door and the existing overhead door, without manual intervention. A dual track system is also available. This configuration allows the user to lower our door and vary the amount of ventilation with the main one for security applications. It utilizes 3/4 inch, 20 gauge, flattened, expanded 304 stainless steel.

High Lift, Vertical Lift and Standard Lift Overhead Doors

The Expanded Metal Overhead Door System can be used in new construction or retrofitted into any existing high lift, vertical lift and standard lift loading dock doors using the track switch mechanism. It utilizes the same vertical track as the existing door for a tight seal against the door header. The track switch is available for 2” or 3” track applications and has a lifetime warranty.

Another application approach for high lift, vertical lift and standard lift loading dock doors is to install a second (dual) track behind the existing door’s track. Galvanized steel, reverse-angle side plates close any gaps created by the second track. Brush seal can be used to eliminate gaps on the sides and across the top of the Expanded Metal Door. The advantage of the dual track is the ability of the user to place the Expanded Metal Door in the down position and place the existing door at any level within the opening, thereby regulating the amount of airflow allowed into the facility.

Rolling Steel Doors
With rolling steel door applications, a separate track is used. The Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door can be mounted behind the rolling door’s track. Since two tracks are utilized, the user can place the door in the down position, and place the rolling door at any level within the opening, allowing the user to regulate the amount of airflow allowed into the facility.
Stand Alone Doors
The Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door can be used as the only door for a high lift, standard lift, vertical lift or side sliding loading dock opening.
Overhead Door Options
Electric Operator
The Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door can be motor operated, using industry standard jackshaft operators. A solid torsion bar should be specified in this application. In a switched track application an interlock switch should be specified if either/both doors are to be motorized.
The Expanded Metal Overhead Security Door provides users with a permanent solution for controlling employee theft and unauthorized entry. Its stainless steel material allows easy wash-down from high-pressure hoses. These doors should be considered for Homeland Security programs. Commercial customers using the Expanded Metal Overhead Door system include high-technology electronic plants, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, storage facilities and garage areas. Any company with security concerns can benefit from this product.
This product is warranted for 1 year from date of installation for defects in materials.
Professional installation is available and recommended by the manufacturer. For information on dealers/installers in a specific geographic area, please contact Rasco Industries, Inc.
Additional Documentation Available:

Interested in learning more about our security screens and bird screen products? Watch our product videos or contact us today and we will be happy to provide you more information about the overhead security doors we offer.

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