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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Sectional Overhead Door Operators

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Installation Instructions

Zap Opener Features & Benefits

Now that you have chosen the best Bug Blocker door solution for your warehouse or facility, you need to add an overhead door opener that will match the quality of the door. Zap's openers are compatible with all of Rasco's overhead Bug Blocker and security doors. They include adjustable auto-close timers and can be used with optional photo-beam sensors for added safety. These are the openers that we recommend for any of our security and bug door products. View the Zap Opener Commercial User Manual, for in-depth details on their operation and uses.

Zap 8825 Series 3 Overhead Door Openers

A Zap Controls 8825 Series 3 Torsion Shaft Mounted DC Commercial Sectional Door Operator makes a great addition to Rasco's Bug Blocker doors and security doors. Zap's door openers include an array of useful features that make them a perfect complement to our doors.

8825 Series 3 Super-Drive Opener

8825 Series 3 Overhead door openers add safety, value, and simplicity to your door operation. They have fully adjustable, automatic obstruction sensing systems, ultra-quiet DC motors, programmable timed auto-close systems, emergency release levers, and other exceptional features that will make your Rasco door better than ever.

Operation of Zap 8825 Series 3 Overhead door openers is fast and easy. The control unit uses a standard 3-button configuration (up, down, and stop), and can be mounted up to 24 feet from the door being operated.

Their obstruction sensing systems can automatically sense locks, broken springs, and other obstructions or unsafe service conditions. Zap openers can be programmed to stop in "part open" position, stopping at a predetermined height if full opening is not necessary. Several optional accessories are available as well, including remote open/close controls, auto-lock systems, and more.

Zap openers are compatible with all of Rasco's overhead Bug Blocker doors and security doors. Installation and maintenance are simple. They're designed for one-person Zap opener installation and can be mounted in either a left hand or right-hand configuration without the need for a wall or ceiling mount.

8825 Series 3 openers use industrial grade bearings, long life V-belts, and phosphor bronze worm drive gears in their drive systems. This gives you many years of reliable performance.

Rasco Bug Blocker also offers an 8826 series 3 Super Drive Chain Hoist Sectional Door Operator which uses a chain hoist instead of being shaft mounted. If you need more information on this model, we can help with that as well.

8855 Zap Turbo Drive Opener

Zap 8855 Turbo Drive Overhead Door Openers

To get the most speed out of your Rasco Bug Blocker door or security door, add a Zap 8855 Turbo Drive Tension Wheel Sectional Door Operator. These door openers work with sectional doors up to 210 square feet in size and up to 900 pounds.

Zap 8855 Overhead Door Operators offer a number of useful features that will maximize the performance of your Rasco door. Their compact, powerful motors deliver quiet, smooth operation. And, because they require only low voltage, single-phase DC power, installation is easy, just follow the instructions found inside the Professional Zap Installation Manual. Optional battery backups allow them to operate during power outages.

Turbo Drive 8855 Overhead Door Operators have fully adjustable open and close speeds. The default speed is a swift 3 feet-per-second, which can easily be made faster or slower, requiring only a screwdriver for adjustments. 8555 Door Operators also feature built-in speed controls to slow your door's movement at the end of its track, to provide solid but gentle ground contact.

Sensitive obstruction detection controls prevent damage to your door, as any sudden increase in load will register an automatic stop command. The unique design of Zap's 8855 Door Operators makes it highly unlikely that door cables will jump off their drums, even in sudden, auto-stop situations.

Contact us today for more information about Zap Controls' 8855 Turbo Drive Overhead Door Operators or the Zap 8825. Discover how they can make your Rasco Bug Blocker door or security door even better. Call us at 800-537-3802 to discuss your project needs.

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