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Bug Blocker

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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

The Bug Blocker® Rasco Industries Chain-Link Security Door™

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Open doors are a security risk that can lead to the loss of your inventory and valuable goods. Our tough 11 gauge Chain Link Security product provides the most airflow and is the strongest door available to help you “Close the door to theft”.

If your facility manager wants to meet the new FMSA, GFSI, USDA, AIB, and FDA Homeland Security guidelines, restrict unauthorized entry into the facility, curb employee theft and control major access points, such as loading docks within their facility this is the right product to consider. Rasco Industries Inc. is the inventor and industry leader of Stainless Steel Mesh Screen Doors and Chain Link Security Doors for commercial facilities. We are celebrating over 28 years of Award-winning door products. Contact us today to learn more.

Overhead Chain-Link Security Screen Door ™

When warehouse ventilation is needed the Chain-Link Security door allows airflow into the building while giving your facilities a strong intruder barrier that is locked down and secure at an affordable price. Chain-Link Security doors are custom made and retrofit with your existing door. They can be motor or manually operated. A slide lock is provided for additional security.

Our customers tell us they like that the Chain-Link Security Door covers the full opening of the door, not just the bottom half preventing materials from being passed over the top, doesn’t pinch fingers as with traditional scissor gates and stores up and out of the way on its own track that is easy to use and clean.

*An option is also available to make the Chain-Link Security door shorter than the opening.

Enhance your facility's ability to meet the new Homeland Security Guidelines

A.I.B. Food Security Regulations:

2.1 Secured perimeters to restrict access to the facility and related outbuildings.

2.10 Metal or metal clad doors utilized on entrances to facility. A chain-link fence or other suitable barrier (sufficiently restricting unauthorized access) should be provided for loaded transport vehicles and production plant buildings. Any outbuilding containing food ingredients, packaging, or other food safety sensitive items should be included in this or a separate secured perimeter. All gates or entrances in the fence should be locked.

A cost effective way to add Security and Ventilation to your facilities loading dock door is by adding a Rasco Industries Chain-Link Security Door!

Chain Link Security Door Features

  • Kit includes all installation hardware
  • 2-inch diamond galvanized Steel mesh
  • Innovative switch design or dual track
  • Standard commercial grade hardware
  • Aluminum frame construction

Chain Link Security Door Options

  • Motor Operated
  • Dual Track Model
  • Switch Track Model

Chain Link Security Door Models

  • High Lift
  • Vertical Lift
  • Stand-Alone
  • Behind Rolling

Not finding the bug blocker or rodent control security door you are looking for? Check out some of our other products: industrial screen door, Expanded Metal Security Door, and air inlet or louver screens. Contact us to request literature or more information about our security screen doors and similar products or give us a call today at 1-800-537-3802.