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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Articles & Press Releases about Bug Blocker®

Rasco Industries, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 with a product mission to provide high quality, overhead screen doors for food processing plants, distribution warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other facilities that had a requirement to use their loading dock door for ventilation while keeping out insects, birds and other pests.

We worked closely with the American Baking Institute’s (AIB) food facility inspection group in Manhattan, Kansas and the U.S.D.A laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin to develop an industrial screen door that would meet the inspection, pest control and cleaning practices of food related facilities by acting as a bird, rodent and bug screen.

As we continued to work with different manufacturers, the additional need for plant security influenced our design work leading to our durable chain link security doors. “Security, Ventilation, and Pest Control” became our company slogan.

Expanding Products: Overhead Security Doors, Screen & Chain-Link Doors

We expanded our product offerings to include Chain Link Security Doors, Service Door Screen Inserts, Air Inlet Screen Panels and louver screens to assure we could offer a complete ventilation solution to the needs of our existing customer base and a wider audience. Our family of ventilation and security door products meets the requirements of any facility with screening and security needs. Bug Blocker® security screen doors act as effective bird and bug screens, ensuring a sanitary work area and comfortable working environment.

To learn more about us, please read our articles:


  • OSHA loading dock general safety

    "The following checklists may help you take steps to avoid hazards that cause injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As always, be cautious and seek help if you are concerned about a potential hazard."

  • Using Screen Doors to Stop more than Bugs

    For years, screen doors have been used in the overhead door industry to keep unwanted visitors like insects and rodents out of production facilities. This has been especially true in the food industries. While that function remains important, National Security concerns about terrorist attacks on food processing facilities has shifted the market.

  • February 2013 Newsletter

    Rosy and Tasha recently attended the International Processing and Production (IPPE) tradeshow and the ProMat tradeshow. Although there were some tornados in the distance they stuck it out hoping to meet more of our dealers at the show. We really appreciate everyone who stopped by and said hello at those tradeshows!

  • Winner of Rasco Industries, Inc 20th Anniversary Contest $1,000.00 Best Buy Gift Card

    Rasco Industries, Inc. held a drawing on December 21st, 2012 for the winner of their 20th anniversary contest. This contest was open to any dealer/ installer who placed a purchase order between January 1 and December 21st, 2012 with Rasco Industries, Inc The winner is Pete Schumacher of MHC Systems of Davenport Iowa. Pete won a $1000.00 gift card from Best Buy. C.E.O. Rosy Brown called Pete to give him the good news. Pete wassurprised to have won, he said "I never have won anything this is great!"

    Rasco Industries, Inc Congratulates Pete Schumacher of MHC Systems. Rasco Industries Inc. with our Bug Blocker product line also wants to thank all in the door industry for helping us attain and celebrate in this our 20th year. MORE >>

  • Rasco Industries, Inc announces a new product now available: The Cool & Easy Security Panel.

    Loretto MN, August 2, 2012: Rasco Industries,Inc. has developed a new product; The Cool & Easy Security Panel. A new idea to protect inventory and employees when a little sunlight and airflow is needed but the main door cannot be left open. How it works: raise the existing solid door enough to allow the "Cool & Easy" panel to be placed on the floor in between the door tracks, slide the locks closed on both sides then lower your solid door down onto the "Cool & Easy" security panel for a tight fit.MORE >>

  • Winner of the iPad at the IDA Expo in Las Vegas!

    Rasco Industries, Inc. held a drawing during the IDA Expo in Las Vegas. Every door dealer/Installer who visited their display was eligible for the drawing. C.E.O. Rosy Brown reached into the large box if names and selected Keith Ward of Jan Overhead Door 14351 W. Warren Dearborn, NI 48125. Mr. Ward wasn't present when his name was drawn, but after a few phone calls in trying to locate him Keith came back to the show floor and happily accepted his new Apple iPad. Congratulations Keith! MORE >>

  • Rasco Industries' Bug Blocker Doors Offer Secure Ventilation for Your Facility

    If you've ever opened the overhead loading dock doors at your facility on a hot day, you know how great the fresh air and ventilation this creates feels. But, you also realize the potential security risk this creates. To keep unauthorized persons out and prevent theft of valuable company goods and inventory, while allowing for cool, comfortable air flow, you need Rasco Industries' Bug Blocker Chain Link Security Doors or Bug Blocker Expanded Metal Security Doors. MORE >>

  • Rasco Industries and the Bug Blocker Product Family: An Introduction

    Spring is here at last! But, while we'll finally be getting sunny days and green landscapes back, there are plenty of pests that come with the warmer weather, as well. Bugs, birds, bats, and rodents will all become more active as spring progresses. If you need help keeping these and other pests out of your buildings and facilities, look no further than MORE >>

  • Bug Blocker Industrial Door & Operating Industry Article

    Many in the door and access systems industry recognize Rasco Industries as being the company with the unusual product symbol... a bug. Although I've known the company for quite a number of years, I, too, thought of them as the producers of screen doors that prevent insects from entering a facility. In November, I traveled to Loretto, Minnesota, and met with the company's Chief Operator Officer, Rosalee Brown, better known to us as Rosy. After spending a few hours with Rosy and meeting the people of Rasco, my perspective of the company changed dramatically. Minnesota is known for its friendly people and are often referred to as Minnesota Nice... the people of Rasco are perfect examples.

  • QA Product Spotlight, Spring 2004 - Screening Out Pests

    Are you looking to screen out those pests or provide some insect or rodent control to your facility? Read this article about Integrated Pest Management and learn more about the louver screens and overhead screen doors they recommend of Bug Blocker’s.

  • Food Processing - Closed Door Policies

    Read this article on how Bug Blocker’s overhead security doors, overhead screen doors and ventilating doors all meet the requirements for homeland security products in the U.S. Food & Pharmaceutical Supplies.

  • Security article that appeared in the Sept/Oct 2002 of Door & Operator Magazine

    Homeland Security Guidelines have been updated for the U.S. Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Facilities in these industries need to have high security in the outdoor and interior areas, storage, shipping and receiving areas. This article walks through each area of concern and offers Bug Blocker homeland security products that meet FDA guidelines.

Press Releases

Learn more about some of the products that Bug Blocker provides by watching our security door product videos. Contact us to request literature or more information about our ventilating doors and bug blocker products.

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