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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

Rasco Industries and the Bug Blocker Product Family: An Introduction

Spring is here at last! But, while we'll finally be getting sunny days and green landscapes back, there are plenty of pests that come with the warmer weather, as well. Bugs, birds, bats, and rodents will all become more active as spring progresses. If you need help keeping these and other pests out of your buildings and facilities, look no further than

For nearly 20 years, Rasco Industries has been doing exactly what their company motto states: Manufacturing Doors of Excellence. Rasco's Bug Blocker product family features custom-made, hand-crafted stainless steel screen doors that will help keep unwanted pests out of any building with large sectional doors while letting fresh air in. And, Bug Blocker doors will help keep unauthorized persons out, giving your facility an added level of security.

Bug Blocker doors are custom built to perfectly fit your building's overhead door opening, and deliver a complete seal that will pass even the strictest inspection. Bug Blocker doors are available in a variety of styles and different grades of stainless steel screen mesh, chain-link and our nes stainless steel expanded metal door. This will allow you to select the right product for your application. They can be installed using multiple systems, to give you the quickest and easiest set-up and operation possible. Bug Blocker doors give you an effective, chemical-free alternative for pest control and are extremely durable for many long years of use. They also latch and lock easily to keep would-be intruders out. We are often also asked, "Will I need to replace my existing door?" The answer to that is always a resounding, "No". Our doors work with or in conjunction to their existing doors. The way our switch track design works is similar to a railroad track switch. It is installed in the top of the door track and then either door can use it to pass though to the bottom track which in turns seals the door shut.

Rasco Industries' unique products are ideal for a number of applications. Facilities such as airports, prisons, food processing plants, and universities have found Bug Blocker doors to be the perfect fit for their needs. Any building with a loading dock or other access point that uses an overhead door can benefit from Bug Blocker's 3-in-1 solution: security, pest control and ventilation, all from one door.

Because they're custom designed and built by hand, Bug Blocker doors can fit literally any size door opening. No opening is too big or too small for a Bug Blocker door — Rasco Industries even offers unique solutions for service and entry doors.

Visit for more information on Rasco Industries' exceptional Bug Blocker product family. You'll find full product information and specifications, informative videos, full-color photo galleries of past Bug Blocker projects, and much more. Or, contact Rasco Industries today if you're ready to add one of their superior Bug Blocker doors to your facility.

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