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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel Executive Summary

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Product Name:
The Bug Blocker®
Air Inlet Screen Panel
Phone: 800-537-3802 or 763-479-1144
Fax: 763-479-1147
Rasco Industries, Inc.
5310 Shoreline Drive
Mound, MN 55364
Product Objectives:

Air openings and louvers provide makeup air and help create a healthy environment for commercial facilities. They also create an opening for pests of all types. In the past, the screening for air inlets has been inside of the building and fixed into place (hard to remove). This makes cleaning with high-pressure air and water difficult. It also leads to the loss of valuable floor and wall space close to the indoor screening.

The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel is designed to mount outside the building and ventilate any commercial facility, while eliminating the problems that occur when debris, insects, birds, and rodents enter your facility through the air inlet openings.

Product Overview:
The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel is mounted outside the building using special brackets. One maintenance person can easily handle the screen sections. Removal for routine cleaning and reinstallation is simple.

The aluminum extrusion frame is strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight. There are two standard mesh sizes: one for standard applications, another selected and tested by the USDA for food industry applications where flour, grain, and rice are used on the premises. Both meet Federal Specification Standard A-A-1037 for stainless steel wire mesh.

Applications — Surface Mount:
The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel can be mounted outside the building. An option available is the “Easily Removable” which is a surface mount using Z brackets and brush seal with a holding bolt preventing section removal.
Applications — Insert Mount:
The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel can be mounted into an existing window or air inlet frame using typical self-drilling screws. An option available is utilizing turn latches for easy removal.
Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panels Options:
Wire Screen Mesh

For standard applications, specify the wire mesh that is .023″ diameter, 12x12 (lines/inch) 304 stainless steel. Extremely strong, this screen has been approved in many states for minimum-security institutions and detention centers. Yet, the opening size allows ventilation without sacrificing the ability to keep out most insect species. It also meets Federal Specification Standard A-A-1037 for 304 stainless steel wire mesh.

For food processing applications using flour, grain, and rice products on the premises specify the wire mesh that is .011″ diameter, 30x30 (lines/inch) 304 stainless steel. It was chosen after extensive testing by the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Their testing established this screen’s ability to prevent entry by even very small insect classes that are of special concern to food facilities using flour products. These small classes include: sawtooth grain beetle, merchant grain beetle, rice weevil, cigarette beetle, foreign grain beetle, granary weevil, etc. Test documentation is available upon request. This screen also meets Federal Specification Standard A-A-1037 for 304 stainless steel wire mesh.

An option is custom-made build out for outward projecting vanes. Call for price.


The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel adds ventilation to air inlet openings. It's aluminum and stainless steel construction allows easy removal and wash-down from high-pressure hoses.

Companies in the food industry, or that provide products to the food industry, and are inspected by the FDA, State, USDA, A.S.I. (American Sanitation Institute), or A.I.B. (American Institute of Baking) should consider this product as part of their non-chemical pest control program.

Commercial customers using The Bug Blocker® Air Inlet Screen Panel include food processors, electronics plants, plastics manufacturers, cosmetic makers, printing plants, paper plants, pet food processors, distillers, distribution centers, and all types of food processing, storage, beverage and packaging plants.

Rasco Industries, Inc ("Manufacturer") warrants to the original purchaser ("Buyer") the products purchased and paid for by the Buyer and manufactured by the Manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship when used in standard conditions, under normal use and service for a period of 5-years from the date the gods are received by Buyer. Products resold by manufacturer, such as springs and motor operators, have the industry standard of 1-year limited warranty. 
Professional installation is also available. For information on dealers/installers in a specific geographic area, please contact Rasco Industries, Inc.
Additional Documentation Available:

Learn more about some of the products that Bug Blocker provides by reading our executive summaries of the overhead screen doors and overhead security doors. Contact us to request literature or more information about our ventilating doors and bug blocker products.

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