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"Let the fresh air in and keep the pests out!"

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Industrial Screen Doors for Your Security, Ventilation, and Pest Control Needs

For decades, Rasco Industries, Inc. has provided industrial screen door solutions to a variety of industries. We work closely with major food packaging and processing plants, food inspection organizations, and a USDA laboratory to assure a product design and screen selection to meet their rigorous needs and high standards.

Helping you comply with your Current Good Manufacturing Practices, FSMA, Homeland Security, GFSI, AIB, HACCP, USDA, FSIS, FDA, SFQ, BRC and other quality, safety and security programs.

Our custom-made stainless steel mesh doors provide security to many military locations, nuclear plants, prison systems, food processing, packaging, pharmaceutical, electronics companies and other facilities that need to comply with many regulatory requirements. One of the main advantages of our products is we provide an overhead door screen that not only aids with inventory control and security, but also helps keep out the insects, rodents, birds and other pests while allowing ventilation in the factory. Be green with steel which is a recyclable product. Our industrial bug screen doors provide pest control without using harmful chemicals. It is another way of keeping your employees safe and secure.

Our ventilating doors retrofit to your existing door and provide a complete seal. Easily washable stainless steel mesh means a happy result on your inspections!

Bug Blocker® Products Feature:

  • 12/30 Mesh:

    • 304 Stainless steel wire mesh/aluminum frame allows efficient pressurized air or water cleaning. Large widths possible. Custom made to retrofit with your current door.
    • Stainless steel wire mesh meets Federal Specification STD A-A-1037B
      • For security/ pest applications specify .023″ 12x12 mesh, 51.8% free area
      • For food applications with flour, rice or grain on the premises specify .011″ 30x30 mesh, 44.8% free area
  • Expanded Metal:

    • 304 Stainless steel 3/4” 20 gauge with 80% free area
  • Chain Link:

    • 11 gauge galvanized steel with 2” diamond pattern
    • Custom made to your specifications. Widths up to 24 feet.

Are you looking the best options for pest control, inventory control, and keeping employees safe and comfortable? Contact us for more information or give us a call today at 1-800-537-3802.

Winner of Best in Business in the garage door industry for many years in a row!

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